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If you would like to know…

  • How your team can achieve higher goals.
  • How your leaders can be more efficient.
  • How you can train and improve your employees.
  • How you can retain talent longer.
  • How you can reduce employee turnover rate.

The four measured dimensions

Corporate Vitality Index

Corporate Vitality Index (CVI) is a forced-ranking, online survey that shows employee’s attitudes in four work-related dimensions based on academic research on the burn-out syndrome.

Furthermore CVI examines how leaders’ management choices affect direct subordinates, and how their management style influences employee attitudes.

Survey findings will assist leaders in correcting the negative perceptions and attitudes of their team members, resulting in a motivated and committed workforce. The insights will help leaders improve their overall managerial style and attitude.

Attitude toward the


Measure the attitude of individual team members toward their colleagues.


Measure the attitude and perception of employees toward the company (employer branding).


Measure team members perception and attitude toward the leader’s competency.



Measure employees overall attitude toward the day-to-day job.

When you should start measuring?

When everything goes according to plan (productivity on high levels, employees are happy, teams are cooperating, and profit is steady). Measure to set a benchmark.

When something starts to go wrong but you’re not sure what is causing it. Measure and fix the problem.

When the company is in a falling spiral, employees are demotivated and leaving, productivity is at an all-time low. Measure, fix the problems, and restore the business’ vitality.

This new-generation survey measures attitudes on the company, team and individual levels for a more effective and efficient intervention and correction.

Work-related attitudes are assessed along four dimensions: company, work, leader, and team. The survey will also reveal the hidden issues that lie beneath the surface.

It will help to:

  • Measure key areas that are critical to the business.
  • Show personal managerial needs of subordinates and reveals latent problems.
  • Define specific managerial actions.

Corporate Vitality Index

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Measures attitude both on the team and individual levels to achieve higher efficiency.

Increases managerial effectiveness.

Uplifts employer branding.

Improves cooperation within and between different departments 

Increase corporate goodwill.

Shows you how to develop effective cooperation between different generations within the team.

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