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Corporate vitality index

Employees’ performance is mainly based on their work-related attitudes. By using CVI to measure different critical areas, their leader can improve their motivation level.


The methodology is based on the human behavioural researches of the University of Nottingham, University of Melbourne and the British Health & Safety Institute.

Can cvi be helpful to your company?

Corporate Vitality Index

CVI measures the general attitude of employees, leaders, and managers toward critical work areas to find which areas need attention and improvement. 

CVI will provide you with the information to lay the groundwork for a strategic approach to fix the underlying issues.

immediate assistance

Provides immediate assistance to the leader

easy to follow

Accurate, short, easy-to-follow managing guidance and reports

multi-level multi-dimensional measurement

Four dimensions (attitude towards the company, work, leader, team), three measuring output levels (corporate, team and individual)

increase effectiveness

Increases employee performance, efficiency and commitment

discover improvement areas

Reveals latent problems

Critical Areas being measured

Gain Insight Relating To The


Company’s Vision

Corporate Culture

Company’s Market Reliability


Market Reaction of Company

Corporate Renewal

Ethical Market Behavior of the Company

Company as a Learning Organization


Enterprise Systems


Work Intensity


Workplace Goals

Assessing Usefulness of Work

Role Conflict

Value Conflict



Technical Background

Working Conditions








Appreciation, Praise

Managerial Communication

Decision-Making of Management

Emotional Intelligence


Supporting Each Other

Accepting Each Other

Common Values

Atmosphere of Trust

Conflicts in the Team

Team Spirit

Criticism Within the Team

Intrigue Within the Team

Cynicism Within the Team

Individual Uprising Options

The assessed groups 

Compare Different Groups and Leaders

The survey shines when it is completed by different  levels of employees and leaders, and the results are compared.


The survey measures employee attitude toward the four dimensions. The results can then be compared and averaged to the team as a whole, giving a better understanding of the overall situation at the firm.

Teams Leader

Survey taken by the team leader can show the attitude they have towards the company and their direct leader (or manager). The results can then be compared to the team that they lead to show discrepancies in attitude and areas that need attention.  


The survey the manager takes will provide insights about their attitude towards their direct supervisor and a company as a whole. It can then be layered on top of the subordinates aggregated average and the team’s leader survey results to reveal discrepancies and areas that require attentions.

 CVI helps to identify those attitudes of employees which come from their contentment. All responses and process values reflect perceptions of employees. If only a small percentage of respondents finds a field to be improved, our task will be to manage perception and individual problems of those employees. However, if many employees give lower ratings for a measured result-area, that certain area should be developed.

The process

Step by step

STEP 1: Consultation

Fill the contact form and we will get in touch as soon as possible to set up a complimentary consultation to evaluate whether we are the right solution for what you are trying to achieve.

STEP 2: Finding a Coach

After the consultation is complete and you wish to work with us, we will recommend several CVI experts (highly experienced corporate coaches) that can administer the exam, evaluate the results, provide the plan and training on how to execute it.

STEP 3: Filling the Survey

After you find the expert, they will provide you with a link to the exam. Each employee will be able to take the exam individually at their own convenience, and the results can be filled anonymously (optional). By our experience, 95% of respondents fill out the survey truthly and accurately.

STEP 4: Analyzing the Results

After all the employees finish filling out the survey, the results are aggregated and calculated using over 65,000 mathematical operations. The results are presentable online or in a downloadable PDF, and can be viewed by you and the CVI Expert. The results can be viewed individually or aggregated as a team, and they can be compared to different levels of management (for example subordinates results can be compared to their manager), which will reveal areas that are performing great and those that perform poorly and need improvement. The CVI Expert will help you understand the results and fully understand their implications.

Step 5: Creating the Intervention Plan

The CVI Expert will review the results together with you and will recommend a holistic plan. The plan will address the areas that showed poor results and the areas that had a large deviation in perception from the different rank of employees (for example the large difference in “work targets” between the team, the team leader, and their manager).

STEP 6: Executing the Plan

After coming up with a complete plan, it is up to you to execute it. The CVI Expert will be there to answer any questions you may have and assist you in any way they can.


STEP 7: Evaluating the Change (optional)

6-12 months after executing the plan, we recommend retaking the exam to measure the change and see if any additional work is required. We offer 50% discount on the exam costs when retaking them.

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