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CVI Canada brings one of Europe’s revolutionary corporate survey. CVI is a behavioural-based analysis that measures employee’s attitude to help prevent burnout.  

01. Evaluate

Each employee required evaluating will take the CVI Survey. The tool will help uncover underlying issues that are hindering your company success on an employee level.

02. plan

Together with the survey results and the CVI Expert’s insight, you will together create an hollistic plan to improve the problematic areas.

03. execute

It’s execution time. Once you agree on a plan that meets your needs, the CVI Expert will provide you with assistance in executing the plan.


CVI Survey

Measures multiple groups

The tool can measures 3 levels of employees.

Measures four dimensions

Measure employee attitude toward 4 dimensions to pinpoint the underlying issue.


The survey can be taken online at anytime, and takes about 40-60 minutes to complete. 

no minimum surveys required

You decide which and how many employees you want to evaluate.

measures attitude

The tool does over 65,000 mathematical operations from the 40 questions to measure employee attitude.

measurable results

Retaking the survey after executing the plan will show the change and whether further actions are necessary.

multiple groups and multiple dimensions

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