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Perfect for business, corporate, and organizational coaches who want to widen their expertise and learn a new attitude-focused methodology.

Take your consultations and coaching to a new level.

Corporate Vitality Index is a survey designed and perfected in Europe over the past 7 years. It is able to measure employee’s attitude toward several work-related dimensions to pinpoint problematic areas. 

The CVI survey algorithm is based on the burn-out theory, and uses 65,000 mathematical operations to analyze the responses and compute a visual diagram.

CVI will help you understand:

  • How motivated and contented the employees are.
  • What internal factors are causing problems and slowdowns.
  • How burnt-out the employees are and what causing it.
  • What areas need improvement to maintain the highest level of employee realism and efficiency.
  • Perceptions of different critical areas across multiple levels of employees and being able to compare them.
  • What critical areas require immediate attention.
  • Organization’s employer branding and how to improve it.


Visualize Critical Areas

CVI measures different levels of employees through four dimensions. After filling the survey, you will have easy-to-understand visualization that shows problematic areas. The tool will also allow you to compare different perceptions when you “stack” the results of different employees (for example team vs the leader).

CVI Expert testimonial

“When it comes to organizational development, there are loads of methodologies that talk a good game, but CVI helped me make it happen. It has enabled me, led me and given me the clarity to identify real problems at my clients. It’s engaging coaches and ODs alike and brings our consulting business great results.”

Maximilian Malchiner, CEO Innermetrix Germany, and an Executive Coach

Why do you need CVI?

A simple solution for a difficult task


It is difficult to provide a clear understanding of the belief system behind the employee’s attitude with the available tools we have today. The challenge is that right now you are only able to measure and quantify employee’s satisfaction, productivity and efficiency.

The tools available are usually short surveys with a 1-5 scale or multiple-choice questions that are generic and easy to fill dishonestly.

 So far you didn’t have a methodology to measure employee’s attitude. Until now.



CVI provides a clear understanding of the belief system behind employee’s attitude. It is able to measure employee’s attitude along 4 different dimensions and across 40 different critical areas. The results can then be compared across different employee hierarchy to measure difference in perceptions.

Understanding and analyzing employee’s attitude is of significant importance in organizations where profit is tightly related to employee’s performance, or in any company that values their employees.

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